Noah and the Ark

Noah was taking the animals into the ark in pairs as he had been commanded by God. He took in elephants, giraffes, cows, bears, monkeys and all the animals. Finally he tried to take in a donkey. He told the donkey to go in but the donkey would not go in. He tried pushing the donkey in but the donkey would not move. He tried pulling the donkey in but the donkey would not move. As he was getting exasperated he said to the donkey, "Get in you devil." Eventually after many more attempts he succeeded in enticing the donkey into the ark. However when Noah was inside in the ark he also noticed that there was a devil in the ark. He asked the devil how did you get in here and he replied, "You told me to get in". This shows that when we are angry we say all sorts of things that we are sorry for afterwards.

(Unfortunately I do not know the source of this story. If you know please e-mail me so that I can acknowledge. Thanks.)