Good in the Midst of Evil

Elie Wiesel in his book Night, which describes his time in two concentration camps together with his father, shows us that love is stronger than evil. Many times during the book we see the love of Elie and his father for each other. It shows that good overcomes evil. For example, in Auschwitz Elie tells how his father brought him extra food,  

“My father had brought me a present - half a ration of bread obtained in exchange for a piece of rubber, found at the warehouse, which would do to sole a shoe.” Night p69.

In the camp at Buchenwald as his father’s health was deteriorating in the infirmary, it was Elie’s turn to sacrifice food.

“For a ration of bread, I managed to change beds with a prisoner in my father’s bunk. In the afternoon the doctor came. I went and told him that my father was very ill.” Night p103.

May families always remain united in love, especially in difficult times.