The Lamb of God

Should you go on a holiday to Werden in Germany, search for a Catholic Church with a lamb carved out of stone and resting on the roof. An artisan was once working on the roof of the structure. His safety belt snapped and he fell. The area below was filled with large-size rocks. As fate would have it, a lamb was having its lunch of grass. The craftsman fell on the lamb. The lamb was killed, but the workman survived. The artist did the decent thing. He sculpted a lamb and placed it on the roof in gratitude. Today we come together at this liturgy to remember and salute another Lamb. Each of us likewise owes Him much.

If the lamb, who saved the German artisan's life, had taken his face out of the grass long enough to see the fellow coming down, I wager he would have gotten out of the way ASAP. But the Lamb of God is something else again. He willingly laid down His life for us.

I found this story on a website site by Fr. James Gilhooley but his page with it is no longer available