The Flea

On September 19th 1985 a devastating earthquake struck Mexico city. It killed several thousand people and caused terrible damage. Those who survived dug through the rubble to rescue as many as possible who were trapped beneath the masonry. One man, Marcos, nicknamed "The Flea" because he was so small, less than 5 feet, was able to crawl through small openings in the surface and go into cavities in the rubble to rescue people. He helped rescue 27 people. He had been nicknamed "The Flea" because of his small stature, which must have been hurtful for him, but what was originally painful turned out to be a blessing during the earthquake. It became such a blessing that he featured in a documentary. Can you see the similarity between Marcos and Zacchaeus? Marcos reminds us that what counts is quality and not quantity. A grace accompanies every cross. Jesus rose from the dead because he carried his cross.