Dog on a Leash

Story about the Ten Commandments

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend and so they are. Dogs are affectionate and great company for people living on their own. But dogs can also be dangerous. How many people have been bitten by dogs! So when you take your dog for a walk you protect other people by taking the dog on a leash. I have even seen dogs with a muzzle on their mouth. But are dogs the most fierce creatures that God created? No. What is the most fierce, the wildest, the most dangerous creature that God created? Humanity! Think of all the wars we started. Think of all the millions of other humans we have killed down through the years. Humans are the fiercest and most dangerous of all the creatures that God created! To prevent us from harming others God has put us on a leash. What is that leash? The Ten Commandments. They prevent us from doing damage. Because we are the fiercest and most dangerous of all the animals that God created we need the commandments to keep us under control and ensure that we do not harm others.

(Unfortunately I do not know the source of this story. If you know please e-mail me so that I can acknowledge. Thanks.)