Rearing Children - Nature vs. Nurture

Tiger Island in Queensland, Australia shows us the way an animal is reared overcomes their natural instincts. White and gold Bengal tigers play, swim and wrestle with their keepers every day. They are not tamed but instead a strong bond is established with the keepers from the moment of birth. That relationship is based on trust and affection. In Utah, the Seus Family share their home with three grizzly bears. As in Tiger Island, the Seus Family rears the bears from cubs and the relationship with them is based on love and trust. Their bears have been used by the movie industry on many occasions when they needed bears to act in movies. The nature vs. nurture debates about humans have been said to indicate that the way a child is reared affects how genetic predispositions are expressed. Being a parent is an awesome vocation. The relationship parents have with their children leaves its influence on them for many years afterwards. May God bless parents as they fulfill their vocation.

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