One Saturday morning a man was reading an article in The Tablet about God's love. The author opined that it is so strong that God is infatuated with us, can't take his mind off us, is yearning for us etc., etc. Then the doorbell rang. One of his son's little friends was there (they were about seven years old at the time): "Please can Jonathan come out to play?" Two beautiful big innocent eyes were saying "Oh please let it be Yes. Please let it be Yes!" It was Yes, of course.

Then the man went back to The Tablet, and the article merged with the little boy at the door. He had an image (no, not a vision - he's no mystic) of the Christ-child knocking at our doors and saying longingly "Please will you come out and play with me?"

Sometimes, in the midst of life's stress, we must take time to go out and play with Jesus.


 Kevin Beach is the father is the boy and I thank him for this story.