Kitty, an apostle of Divine Mercy

During a Parish Family Retreat Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen related an incident that took place when he was ministering as a priest in New York City. He was called urgently to an apartment where a girl named Kitty was dying. It was one of the dirtiest rooms he had seen. He asked her if she would like to make her peace with the Lord. She said she couldn’t because she was the worst girl in New York City. (She didn’t bring in enough money from the streets so her husband poisoned her and she was dying of poisoning.) Fr. Sheen immediately replied that she was not the worst girl in New York City because the worst girl would think she was the best girl. After telling her some of the parables of Jesus she agreed to go to confession. Fr. Sheen anointed her and immediately she was better. She was healed physically and even more importantly she was healed spiritually. After her recovery she became an apostle to the people among whom she worked and she brought them to Fr. Sheen. They would come to him and say, “Father, I am the person Kitty told you about.” Kitty received the mercy of Jesus and became an apostle of Divine Mercy. (See homilies on the Sacrament of Reconcilation)

Archbishop Sheen’s talk entitled Confession is available from Keep the Faith