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Enjoying Paul's Letters and the Old Testament is the second Scripture Course I taught in Cloyne Diocese when I was engaged in pastoral ministry and adult religious education in Ireland before coming to minister in the USA. It treats all the letters of the New Testament and the first third of the Old Testament.  You can read the course outline below and also some excerpts.

Enjoying Paul's Letters and the Old Testament
(You can read selections in blue below)


Most of Lesson 1 is similar to Lesson 1 in Enjoying the Bible
It also contains a short section on the Significance of the Old Testament
(Thereafter both Old and New Testament sections of the course run concurrently)


Old Testament

New Testament


Part A: Introduction to the Old Testament
Part B: First Account of Creation: Genesis 1:1-2:4a

Introduction to Paul
First Letter to the Thessalonians
Second Letter to the Thessalonians


Second Account of Creation: Genesis 2:4b-25
Who wrote Genesis and the Pentateuch?

Letter to the Galatians
The brothers and sisters of Jesus (1:19)


The Fall: Genesis 3

Letter to the Philippians


Sin Spreads: Genesis 4-11

First Letter to the Corinthians 1-6


Abraham: Genesis 12:1-25:18

First Letter to the Corinthians 7-11


Isaac and Jacob: Genesis 25:19-37:1

First Letter to the Corinthians 12-16


Joseph: Genesis 37:2-50:26

Second Letter to the Corinthians


Hebrews Oppressed in Egypt
Call of Moses
Exodus 1:1-7:7

Letter to the Romans 1-8


Plagues, Passover
Exodus and Desert
Exodus 7:8-18:27

Letter to the Romans 9-16


Decalogue, Covenant,
Ark and Tabernacle
Exodus 19-20

Letter to the Colossians
Letter to Philemon


Book of Leviticus

Letter to the Ephesians 1-3


Book of Numbers

Letter to the Ephesians 4-6
see my comment on Eph 5:21-6:9


Book of Deuteronomy

First Letter to Timothy


Deuteronomic History
Book of Joshua
The concept of 'Holy War'
Book of Judges

Letter to Titus
Second Letter to Timothy


Book of Ruth
Samuel, King Saul and David (1 Samuel)

Letter to the Hebrews 1-6


King David (2 Samuel)

Letter to the Hebrews 7-13


First Book of Kings
Timeline of the Monarchy and Prophets

Letter of James

19 Second Book of Kings
First and Second Book of Chronicles

First Letter of Peter

20 Ezra
Old Testament in Liturgical and Private Prayer

Letter of Jude
Second Letter of Peter

Enjoying the Bible

This course is SOLD OUT.

I have no plans to reprint SORRY

First Course: Enjoying the Bible
Old Testament: Psalms and Wisdom Literature
New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts of the Apostles

Read the full course outline and samples

Praying the Bible

A highlight of the Scripture Courses I taught each night was 20 minutes of prayer using the Bible. These guided biblical meditations were so popular that many course participants asked to have some of them recorded. Visit An Hour with Jesus, Our Life, God's Gift and Let's Talk to Jesus where you can listen to samples in audio. For some reaction to the Scripture Course and biblical meditations, see an excerpt of one of my homilies for Vocation Sunday