photograph2016This website is by Fr. Tommy Lane, S.S.L., S.T.D. (License in Sacred Scripture, Doctorate in Sacred Theology), Professor of Sacred Scripture at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmitsburg, Maryland, USA, which is on the campus of Mount St. Mary’s University.

I have deliberately designed this as a website rather than a blog because many of the more than 2000 visitors to this website every day are priests and deacons looking for homily ideas. In a blog, each new entry goes further and further down the list of entries as the blog grows which would make it difficult for priests and deacons to quickly find the homily ideas for a particular weekend. Instead I have structured this as a website so that from any part of the website with just a few clicks one can find my past homilies for any weekend.

This website is part of my ministry, one of the ways in which I try to proclaim the Gospel. I have always had an interest in computers, and through this website I channel this interest in computers in a way that serves the Gospel. Previously I ministered in Ireland. Here is more information about my work and about this website.

May your visit to my site refresh you and bring you closer to the Lord Jesus. I also appreciate your prayers for my ministry. Thanks.